Akshay Kumar attended the Vogue Beauty Awards 2017 on Friday to take home the award for ‘Most Beautiful Man of the Decade,’ and though his beloved wife Twinkle Khanna could not accompany him to the event, her presence was evident in Kumar’s hilarious acceptance speech.

To my overpaid trainer, and my underpaid cook, a big thank you for helping me maintain this ‘Beautiful Man of the Decade’ body which I have. Though part of the credit should also go to the fact that I did not have two carry my two children for nine whole months. And thus my stomach did not have to stretch to elephantine proportions, and then deflate to a small paunch with stretch marks and saggy skin that no amount of dieting can eradicate.”

“It’s time for me to wind this up because it’s really not fair that I always reach home late, and I should not take anyone so much for granted. But before I leave I would once again like to thank my beautiful, talented wife,” Kumar added as the icing on the cake, with a mini bow, leaving the stage and the banquet hall in peals of laughter.