Perhaps one of the BETTER songs to come out of this Season’s Coke Studio, ‘Baazi’, a folk-melody which is also very ‘dancy’, the song is also trending due to another reason…of course: Aima Baig!

Baig has been in the limelight for a long time, however, she has been OFFICIALLY declared Pakistan’s ‘NEW’ sweetheart after Momina Mustehsan, with her cute, bubbly looks & sensational voice in this season’s ‘Ishq Di Baazi’.

Here are some reasons WHY boys are totally crushing on this cute Baig-girl:

Her versatility as a singer comes out in full force as she goes through the high and low notes in the song.

Her smile is mesmerizing, & boys are swooning

Aima wears a beautiful dress, which adds to her beauty

The neck-piece makes her SLAY, & all the girls (EVEN) can’t help but notice how hot she looks!

We are absolutely in love with the adorable singer! Tell us what you like most about her, & we’ll add on.