American News Report On Movie Yalghaar

American News Report On Movie #Yalghaar

Posted by Pakistani Cinema Official on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

News Channel, Fox 5, highlighted the upcoming Pakistani movie Yalghaar on American TV screens. The reporters on set said that the movie spreads a message of social responsibility, inspired by actual events of a military operation in the Swat Valley against an extremist stronghold.

Hum Films have debuted Yalghaar in 22 countries. Actress Sana Bucha said in the video, “I thought that this film was just a brilliant chance of putting what I think forward in a different way.”

There’s a lot of people fighting against terrorism. We’re up in arms against it, we’re speaking out about it, we’re going out, demonstrating, which is never highlighted,” actress Armeena Khan added.

“The movie itself is a message to the nation and a warning to all the terrorists. We’re here and we will fight, actor Adnan Siddiqui.

According to Bucha, “We used real ammunition, real blasts, real military — everything is real in this film.”

We were shooting in areas which actually had stuff going on, so we couldn’t always gain access,” actress Ayesha Omar gave a statement.

What I’m doing is right. I just cannot let this happen in this country or anywhere else in the world,” Siddiqui exclaimed.

If we can play a part in spreading this message, in supporting this subject, it’s huge,” said Omar. “It is huge because the message is going across to the entire world.

Yalghaar is now showing across all cinema screens worldwide. The actors hope that the movie serves as a message to their country and mitigate the phenomenon of worldwide terrorism in hopes that it can be easily defeated so we can find peace.