MUMBAI (Web Desk) – Legend actor Aamir Khan has fulfilled Nihal Bitla’s dream.

He met the 14-year-old after his story appeared on the popular Facebook page, ‘Humans of Bombay’ a week ago.


Nihal’s favourite film happens to be Aamir’s Taare Zameen Par and the young boy wanted to thank Khan for making the film. Soon after, Aamir Khan met Nihal and gifted him a board game, and a DVD of Taare Zameen Par. Nihal, in turn, gifted him a sketch of Ganesha.


Inside every old person is a young person, they say. In his story, Nihal is the old and the young – both, together.

Nihal ages 8 times faster than the rest of us. He was the first child in India to be diagnosed with progeria.


Nihal turned 14 this January. Doctors say it is rare for a person suffering from progeria the average age is 13.


Currently there is no treatment for progeria. Doctors took six years only to diagnose Nihal with the disease.