Recently Amir Liaquat’s family was saddened after his pictures of second wedding went viral. His first wife and daughter took over Twitter with some direct and some indirect messages for him and his new wife. According to the teachings of Islam in order to get married for the second time husband must seek permission from his first wife. After reading the tweets from the family this looks otherwise.

In a television interview Amir Liaquat wants people to not discuss his private life as that’s the last things he’d want to happen. He went on saying he never discussed his personal life on media and never will. He also went on saying how he is paying for the internet and tweeter access his family has. He also stressed upon how things are going fine because he is handling household finances and the education expenses too.

He asked tabloids, youtubers and media organisations not to talk about his personal life as there are a lot of things which are untold and one must not shouldn’t jump to conclusions. He also suggested how our conservatives society has made second marriage an abuse.