Lollywood’s history has long been shrouded in mystery. From unresolved murder mysteries to its connection with famous red light areas and love affairs, it’s all intriguing and fascinating.

While it is fascinating and enchanting to go through the archives of Lollywood to dig into its history, one also comes across the dark side of the industry and finds it utterly dismaying.

Be it Niggo’s honour killing, Nadra’s mysterious murder or the acid attack on Andaleeb.

It was in 1996 that filmmaker Shahzad Rafiq picked up Andaleeb for his film Goonghat directed by Syed Noor which became a super hit. The quintessential beauty was the ultimate professional and a romantic at heart.

She had a relationship with Hanif Ghuman, an industrialist from Sialkot. Though falling in love is very natural, in the case of showbiz personalities, it’s more frequent as stars attract more attention. In most cases, it is not the star who initiates the relation.

Ghuman and Andaleeb used to meet frequently at various venues. However, after a while, Andaleeb lost interest in Hanif and tried to move on.

This outraged Ghuman and prompted him to throw acid on her face in an attempt to disfigure her. It’s a popular choice of rich male lovers to throw acid on women who don’t love them back. In other words, a patriarchal mindset considers a woman a commodity or a slave.

Though Andaleeb underwent extensive facial plastic surgery, she never returned to screen and stayed away from the film industry since then.

The incident stirred tremors across the industry as it was the first acid attack in the Lollywood industry. A source close to film industry tells this writer “Yahan kisi shehzadi ko izzat nahi mili tou pyar kaise mileyga” (No queen has ever gotten the respect she deserves, let alone love).

It’s shocking as it reveals a lot about the Lollywood’s world that how even women we often consider ’empowered’ are also not immune from the patriarchal culture.