Mujhe thordha aur wakt chaiye!” and ” Hum abhi tow mile hain; how can we plan a life immediately?” and ” I have been thinking, we need to take this slow. Maybe you can meet my mom next year! “

Yes! We all have heard this before from these little babies without their prams who are too afraid to walk the walk and talk the talk.

They are the charmers. They know when to say what. 

Commitment Phobics can be spotted in these SIX easy steps:


People nowadays are very tech-savy, they can’t wait for the slow wifi and can’t stop their life and mess up their schedule to do something for someone. The non-stop work issues, gym routines, dinner hangouts and social gatherings make them want to pend their thoughts. People want to delay the process of thinking about why they can not completely commit themselves to one thing. They want to let the time go by, days end up and months exhausted just to avoid the most important, life changing decision that they need to be making.


2 – Giving a closure is the toughest:

When you get out of a relationship, or quit a job, you always think about a reason to give to your boss or your partner. These CPs (commitment phobics) don’t want to give out that one closing argument. Why? Because they usually don’t have any. Why? Because they’ll have to think for it. And hey, who has that sort of time when you have your xbox tuned in and instagram waiting for the tap!


Yes. These people die to find variety in their life. They can never be in one place at one time. They want to be all over the place. They want to enjoy everything and anything and still want no baggage. They want their cake and eat it themselves. They don’t like sharing and they definately don’t like intrusion.


4 – Confusion is my middle name :

It’s actually not their fault but they really don’t know what they want. They are like bunnies, jumping from one place to another. These sort of people are the most damaging. They never want to know what they really want because they feel the most comfortable in their crazy sheltered chaios.

5 – Fear of being heartbroken :

These people are armoured. They guard themselves after every breakup they see happening around them. They have their radar on high beam as soon as they figure out that they are feeling something strong for someone. These people are afraid of letting go of themselves in order to feel the intensity and senstivity that LOVE has to offer them.


6 – AZAADI :

These people are freedom fighters. They can’t be tied down. They feel that commitment will give them stagnancy which will give them permanence which lacks freedom. They consider themselves a bird at all time and phases of their lives.


In life, you will only know how amazing it feels to be happy if you have known how terrible it feels to be sad. So an advice to people who have CPs around them. Be patient, folks! They need you but they can’t tell you that.

So stick around and make that conversation which is required OR step back and give them the thud they need!

Contributed By: Zara Noor Abbas