People were head over heels for Arshad Khan aka Chaiwala a couple of weeks ago, and he became one of the biggest sensations in Pakistan in the year 2016 (taking a look back).

Khan was recently seen in a music video which was dedicated to him solely, and the official video has been released.

However, we are not so happy with his performance, and it seems like everything is a bit too staged (ofcourse that is what a music video is like, but a few pointers will prove our point).


Arshad Khan raising eyebrows at the sight of girls who are excitedly taking selfies with him, and the huge amount of foundation on his face (and kajal in his eyes, might we add), all seems like the producers are trying too hard to make him look like the rest of them, which is exactly the opposite of what he was all about.

Khan was supposedly the epitome of innocent, candid natural beauty of a man who did not even know how good he looked until he was discovered.

Watch it here:

Arshad Khan’s ‘ChaiWala’ has been sung by Lil Mafia Mundeer and Sid Mr.Rapper, while the video has been directed by Usmais Khan.

The music has been produced by LMM.

We hope the media & entertainment industry don’t change him too much, because a few transformations are already evident through this video!