Arshad Khan’s newly released music video wasn’t received with much positivity, and, infact, has been subject to quite a lot of criticism.

The sad part is: not only by the audiences on social media, but also by his family.

In his latest interview with ARY, he told the news anchor that he wanted to publicly ‘apologise for his actions’ and that his family has ‘criticized his work’. He also claimed that he will not be doing any further media work, except for modelling, photoshoots, etc.

Many people objected to his shots with Muskan since he was earlier quoted saying he would only do ‘respectable work’.

Check out this video interview of Arshad Khan apologizing for his actions:

His interview is proof of the fact that the comments of people have affected him. He further stated that he won’t be working in any movie because his family is not in favour of all this.