MUMBAI (Web Desk) – Indian model Arshi Khan has claimed that she has been offered $1 million (Rs100 million) by a Dubai-based oil tycoon to strip publicly in support of Shahid Afridi and Pakistan Cricket team during Pak-India clash in Kolkata on Saturday.

“The conditions were as follows, every time a Pakistan player hits a four or six, Arshi would remove one piece of her clothing. And when the team wins she would do the full Monty on live TV”, she tweeted.


However, Ms Khan did’t reveal the name of Dubai-based businessman.

The controversial model, in another tweet, threw the ball to Afridi’s court. She said if Afridi permits her, she will accept the offer.


Earlier on Friday, she tweeted that if India won the Saturday’s match, she would expose her back, and if Shahid Afridi hit a century, she would give a full frontal show.