MUMBAI (Web Desk) – While there have beem media reports saying the Bollywood actress Asin is going to get married on November 26 this year, the latest update suggests that rumors of wedding date are as fake as they could be.

The actress, who celebrated her birthday on Monday, has expressed shock to all such rumors terming them ‘a surprise of her birthday’.  She has been mentioned in India media reports as saying that she finds it to be really funny to see all the false dates about her wedding being thrown about.

She further insisted that she is completing her assignments and contracts till the end of this year. I can only marry in a case when these assignments are finished, Asin added.

She urged her fans to await an official announcement from her and not trust any such news report, adding that it is not going to happen in this year at least.

Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma and Asin are said to have been dating for a year now since the Micromax co-founder proposed to the actress with a 20-carat diamond ring worth Rs 6 crore.