PTCL, Pakistan’s largest telecommunications & Internet company has faced thousands of complaints all over the country for their ‘substandard services’ since a very long time now.

The company has been known for ignoring customer complaints & by sending an automated reply that ensures the customer that their issue will be dealt with immediately; however, rarely does this happen. 

One customer took it to heart and vowed to stand up for herself, & got remarkable results!

After the threat, Ayesha had quite a fan following, with most of the users pretty upset themselves with PTCL’s services. 

She told them that their ‘inconvenience’ is not ‘sincerely regretted’, and that she will be contacting the area’s GM to have the thing looked into.

Wow, surely takes some guts to do that!

Everyone came out in support of Ayesha & shortly enough, her internet issue was resolved.

She further wrote:

“To all those who said why I am using PTCL and why did I even bother writing:

A. Our area doesnt cover any other internet except one or two more (which I am not comfortable using)
B. Though I wasnt expecting this response but I think we as a nation need to come out and raise our voices to fix these institutions in whatever capacity.
C. I only spoke for myself but now after seeing everyone going through the same issue, it breaks my heart. Most of us are paying our regular direct and indirect taxes and paying for these services additionally, we should not hold back when it comes to asking for services included.

I see people in these institutions behaving carelessly with common men all the time, be school or hospital or any government institution. And if we (common men) don’t use our sane voices for our basic rights, we’ll always be stomped over by the people in authority.

So those of you who are using PTCL and have been paying their bills regularly, I encourage you to speak out.”

Well, she does have a point!

We, as a nation, are so used to living in the ‘good enough’ circumstances that we do not care if we have the best. It is always an inconvenience to keep following up with these huge companies who have poor services & zero customer service policies, & we break too easily, because we want stress-free lives.

Thanks, Ayesha, for teaching us a lesson in standing up for ourselves! Much needed.