The latest update from the ‘Baaghi’ crew is that Nimra Khan will be playing the role of Qandeel’s younger sister. Nimra will be shown as someone who takes Qandeel as an inspiration, but does not have the same passion and drive to take the initiatives to enter the world of media herself.

Nimra was approached by Urdu1 team because she has already worked with Saba Qamar, and there’s good chemistry that they share, according to sources. 

Nimra’s mother is also a Kashmiri-Punjabi, so the village accent required for the drama was an easy one for the actress.

Khan claimed that the purpose of the drama is not to glorify Qandeel, but to aim at showing ways of eradicating evil from society, without honour killings and murders. 

She further added that past stories are something everyone has, and there’s a reason to whatever human beings are doing. We are curious to see what Baaghi is going to show us!