LAHORE – Nusrat Ara, who shot to fame for her role as the witch Bil Batori in 90s children’s television series Ainak Wala Jin is now struggling to make ends meet.

In an interview with Daily Pakistan, she shared how difficult it had been for her to find work after Ainak Wala Jin. She did not receive any offers for any television serials after the hugely popular TV series, due to which she was forced to move to the shrine of Ali Hajvery in order to feed herself.

“For four years, I ate the rice that was distributed among beggars at the shrine of Data Gunj Baksh, and suffered a skin infection as a result,” she revealed.

“I worked for 45 years in showbiz, and earned a lot of money, but my companions were not honest to me,” she said, adding that she was ignored in real life despite her successful role as Bil Batori.

Nusrat said that she contacted many producers for a job, but had failed to receive a positive response. “I fail to understand the hypocrisy in our society.” She currently lives in a rented house and pays Rs 6,000 rent per month, as well as Rs 7,000 for availing other utilities.

While relating her horrific life experience to interviewer Yasir Shami, she could not control her emotions, as she burst into tears and had to be consoled by Shami.

She also emphasised the importance of education, stating that it would have been easier for her to find employment if she had been better educated.

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