GILGIT-BALTISTAN: Pakistan is a land of natural beauty. Many local and foreign tourists have been posting the mesmerizing scenes on their social media accounts to share their travel experiences.

A young female tourist all the way from Europe visited the Beautiful Valley of ‘Gilgit-Baltistan’ region and she is in love with the breath-taking beauty of the region.

The Famous ‘Hussaini Bridge’

She expressed her views while talking to a Media channel of Pakistan that “Before coming here, I’d heard a little about local hospitality and the pride that people take in being welcoming to guests. I had still underestimated it all. During my time here, I’ve been invited for tea more times than I can count; guided by strangers when I didn’t know the way”.

She added that “I’ve shaken hands with so many incredible women; been offered gas heaters just for myself when it got very cold; eaten incredible food courtesy of locals; been smiled at by so many children. I’ve been showered with respect, interest, and hospitality. I still marvel at all of this, because it isn’t a well-known fact in the West”.

She seemed to be very glad of her decision to visit the northern areas of Pakistan and she wishes to visit Hunza Valley again in coming future.

Eva shared some of her trip memories on her Instagram account and they are simply amazing to watch.