LAS VEGAS – Canadian music superstar Celine Dion sang her soaring ballad “My Heart Will Go On” in honor of the 20th anniversary of the film Titanic at Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards ceremony.

The crowd gave Dion a standing ovation after she performed the song with clips of the Leonardo DiCaprio-Kate Winslet romance playing on screens around her.

Wearing a stunning white gown that featured angel-like wings, the 49-year-old belted out each and every note as scenes from the romantic movie played in the background.

Show hosts Ludacris and Vanessa Hudgens immediately praised the performance.

“Wow, wow, wow! It’s going to be hard to top that moment. That was a moment right now,” Ludacris said. “Literally, make some noise for Celine Dion.”

“I can’t. I’m crying! I love you Celine,” Hudgens said.

Titanic was released in the UK on November 18, 1997.