KARACHI (Web Desk) – Birth anniversary of our great legend Waheed Murad also known as Chocolate Hero is being observed today.

Waheed Murad (October 2, 1938 – November 23,1983) was a legendary Pakistani film actor, producer and script writer.

He is considered one of the most famous and influential actors of South Asia.

He got early education from Karachi Grammar School,Karachi, did graduation from S.M. Arts College Karachi, and then masters in English literature from University of Karachi.

He is well-known for his charming expressions, tender voice and unusual talent for acting in films.

His romantic style of acting made him popular as well as controversial. One of his block buster films is Armaan, which was produced by himself, made a pivotal impact on the sub-continental film industry such that the Pakistani film industry was considered as the rising sun after Indian film industry.

Armaan made him a superstar overnight and as equal to the Indian film titans such as Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Ashok Kumar and Prithviraj Kapoor. Once, in an interview in 1967, he said that Dilip Kumar, too, is not an immortal actor.

As an actor he was firstly appeared in a supporting role in 1962’s Aulad directed by S.M. Yousuf; the film got the Nigar award for the best film for the year.

Heera aur pathar in 1964 was his first movie as lead actor and his major breakthrough film.

He got the Nigar award in the best actor category for the same film.

Waheed was the first Rock n’ Roll dancing star in South Asia. He was famously known as the ‘Chocolate Hero’ and ‘Lady Killer’. His dressing style, the hair style, dialogues and songs used to be liked and followed by people.

Waheed’s hair cut was very popular among the young and was called the ‘Waheed Murad cut’.

Waheed Murad fell in love with Salma, a daughter of Karachi based industrialist and a Memon Ibrahim Maker, when both were in grade nine in Grammar School, Karachi.

Their marriage took place on Thursday, September 17, 1964.

The wedding ceremony was arranged at Nisar Murad’s house in Tariq Road, Karachi.

He addressed his wife as Bibi at home.They had two daughters (Aaliya and Sadia) and one son (Adil).

Sadia died in infancy and both Waheed Murad and Salma were became inconsolable.

However, their two children, Aalia and Adil brought happiness and comfort to their lives.