Congratulations, Ciara!

The new global brand ambassador for Revlon was announced on October 18, and we couldn’t be happier for Ciara, who is ever so graceful to perfectly represent a leading women’s beauty brand.

“I’ve been a fan of the iconic Revlon brand my entire life,” Ciara said in a statement on October 18. “In fact, my name comes from the Revlon Ciara fragrance. It was a gift given to my mother from my father, and she fell in love with the scent and the name. It’s incredible to think that after all those years I would be joining the Revlon family as the newest Global Brand Ambassador.”

“I’m excited and grateful to join a long line of inspiring brand ambassadors before me and to help Revlon continue to encourage women to CHOOSE LOVE,” she continued.

Her campaign will debut October 22 and continue through November, reportedly.

Ciara will promote the upcoming ColorStay Eye and Revlon Kiss Balms, which will be available in 2017, according to sources. Stay tuned!