SHARJAH (Staff Report) – An array of stunning dance and music performances, and interactive theatre was on show for kids visiting the Sharjah International Book Fair yesterday, (Friday) taking place at Expo Centre from November 4- 14.

The 11-day event features Arabic plays and balloon shows, puppet shows and dance performances by international artists.

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The play “The path of success” starts with a shadow and light dance with comic scenes but it had moral messages teaching values such as unity and cooperation. It taught children that power and wealth without knowledge is meaningless and also that success is achieved by teamwork.

The performers used the concepts of wealth, knowledge and power to convey the message of unity and in some scenes the young audience could be a part of the chorus with the performers.

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The Aldin Theatre of Culture and Art, who presented the play, also teach acting and hosts many cultural events in the Sultanate of Oman. Media coordinator, Sulaiman Khalfan Al- Rahbi said that the Aldin Theatre was established in 1994 and they perform at shows across Arab region.

Meanwhile, a performance by Sima Dance Company called “The Toy World Dance” featured vibrant dances in costumes that kept changing colours and were a delight and surprise to the young audience. The performance was beautifully choreographed and coordinated by “The Magician” with the stage aflame with colour, and not fire during the show. The magician interacted with his young audience as he pulled the strings for the dance inspired by the marionettes. The show was organised by “The Garage Kids” and will be performed every day until November 13 at the SIBF.