Ahmed Jahanzeb & Amanat Ali made a good collaboration song this Coke Studio’s Episode 1, didn’t they?

We absolutely loved their voices on each of the verses they sang.

Ahmed Jahanzeb has made a come-back after a very long time, and we’re happy to see him back!

Shafqat Amanat Ali had disappeared after a lot of negative media attention, and we’re happy that he’s back to his powerful vocals and doing what he does best: light up our lives with his beautiful God-gifted voice.

The Qawali-Style song takes us back to Sufiyana culture, and makes us feel so light and spiritual. It is something worth listening to over and over again.

Here’s the Music Video:

Momina Mustehsan and Danyal Zafar set the Coke Studio stage on fire with their presence together and their on-screen sizzling chemistry (we wonder what happens off-screen, though!)

The song they sang was ‘Muntazir’, and it had beautiful lyrics.

The duo sang one verse each, and it was a loved-up song, to be honest. We’re totally in love with it, completely worth listening to over and over again, on a day when it’s raining and you’re out looking for Pakoras and Chutni.

Loving the slow-song vibe, totally worth it!

Watch Video Here:

The third song that wasn’t able to catch our attention was Amanat Ali & Hina Nasrullah’s ‘Cha Rahi Kali Ghata’, not sure what the reason was.

Maybe the chemistry of voices was missing, maybe the song tempo didn’t captivate us.

All in all, it was a good song, but not something we would love listening to twice. Sounded more like an 80’s Bollywood movie song.

Nevertheless, it was a good effort on their part. WE love Amanat Ali & his energy!

However, a sad song should be giving us sad vibes, like the story in the subtitle is telling us. They sort of ‘failed’ to bring that sorrow in their voices, they sound…okay. We want sadness, not okay-ness. Hope that helps.

Watch Video Here: