Kashf Foundation recently hosted an event to talk about Women Empowerment and Child Abuse, and the role of media in creating awareness about social issues.


In order to promote the cause, actor and social activist Ahsan Khan discussed the role of the media in shaping social perceptions, and creating awareness regarding social issues in Pakistan with Kashf Foundation’s Founder and Managing Director, Roshane Zafar.



Kashf Foundation also celebrated the 20 years mark through an exclusive preview of its music video ‘Himmat ka Safar’, jointly sung by Pakistani ghazal and folk singer Tahira Syed and Roshane Zafar.

The video depicts the inspiring stories of three women who have been helped by the Kashf Foundation, showing how access to micro-loans enabled them to embark on a journey of financial independence and courage.


“This song is the Foundation’s way of recognising women all over Pakistan. They are not only homemakers and wives, but also the custodians of their family’s upkeep. Many of them work day and night to provide better lives for their families. This song is our tribute to these incredible women,” said Ms. Zafar.


Sharing his views, Ahsan Khan stated, “It is high time that we, as a society, recognise that it is our civic duty to preserve the innocence of children by providing them a conducive environment, where they grow into healthy adults. It is our responsibility as actors to educate audiences, and to learn about the myths surrounding child abuse, and how this can be prevented.”