LAHORE: A dance party that was arranged by Mango Entertainent Company in collaboration with Djuice was brought to a sudden and crashing halt over the weekend after a call to the police by a religious cleric.

Sunni Tehrik Lahore’s President, Maulana Mujahid Abdul Rasool, threatened the police to either stop the party held at Sozo Water Park immediately or “face the music,” according to officials.

“This illegal event, which is taking place there right now, must be stopped. Otherwise, you will be responsible and you may lose your job.”

When Bata Pur’s SHO informed the cleric that the organizers were given prior permission by the government to hold the event, he replied, “No officer, not even DCO, DIG, CCPO, and IGP has the authority to grant permission for such an illegal program.”

Following soon after, the police and district administration ordered organizers and the over 2,500 present socialites and celebrities packed at the event to leave the venue right away.

“I will not let any such party take place; at least in Lahore,” Lahore Sunni Tehrik’s President, Maulana Mujahid Abdul Rasool quoted.

It was confirmed that over 2,500 people were attending the party which was stopped after a recorded message of the cleric started making rounds among the senior police officials present.

The party was being attended by A-list celebrities, socialites, bloggers as well as those belonging to the fashion industry. It was said to be the biggest party of the year.