The second auditions episode for Pepsi Battle of the Bands featured judges Fawad Khan, Meesha Shafi and guest judge Farooq Ahmed from Aaroh along with the official host Ayesha Omar.

In this episode another set of different bands performed from different genres all over, depicting great potential once again.

Pepsi Battle of the Bands has a purpose, which comes straight from the heart: to revive the declining culture of bands and to produce new music in Pakistan. It offers a fresh start to musicians, providing them a stage to unveil their true talent and passion for the music created by them. It promises to be the biggest musical show and an exciting new breed of bands of all genres.

The second episode for Pepsi Battle of the Bands had everyone waiting for it desperately because the first episode had left them addicted and in awe of the show.

The host, Ayesha Omar, started the episode with a brief overview on the previous episode as she reiterated the grand prizes for Pepsi Battle of the Band.

The judges once again gave their optimum level of input and directed the episode by providing valuable feedback to each band that performed thus helping them to bring out their best. Another element that was yet again the highlight of the show was the host Ayesha Omar. She kept the environment very positive and jovial throughout which in turn had high motivation levels for the new batch of contestants for this episode.

This episode included bands like ‘Ehl-e-Rock’ who performed the hit song “Junoon” and were really appreciated by both Farooq and Fawad for their performance. Then there was ‘Khamaaj’ which has a total of 9 members and performed an original number called “Bezubaan” which left Meesha in wonder of the lyrics and Fawad blown away with the song itself.

The band ‘Nafs’ performed “Main Shah” by Manjhi Faqeer which was a treat in itself and a truly melodious experience for the judges. Another band named ‘Badnaam’ which was a Sufi rock band strongly believes they are absolutely unapologetic when it comes to rock music and they certainly delivered the same with their original “Alif Allah”.

Then there was the band ‘E-Sharp’ who performed an original track named “Chaahy sau saal” which was fully cherished by Meesha and she referred it to it being a successful melody. Following the previous, a Swat folk band ‘Yoon’ played a distinctive arrangement of rubab and tabla alongside vocals and guitar for their piece on “Chaap Tilak by Amir Khusro”.

Finally there was the band ‘Darvesh’ who were 10 members including the 4 vocalists. They performed an original “Sawali” in the Qawwali Rock genre which was well received by the judges.

In the end the judges completed the tough task of shortlisting the top bands and after careful consideration finally arrived at a conclusion and shortlisted 8 instead of 6 bands due to immense competition and talent.

The top 8 bands include Badnaam, Roots, Kashmir, Madlock, Aura, Jasim and the Pindi Boys, Shajr and Darvesh. The episode eventually ended with the renowned rock star Farooq and also the voice of Aaroh performing the famous “Raag Neela”.

Pepsi Battle of the Bands not only has class but also includes musical diversity and energetic live performances that will become a consistent fixture in polishing emerging talent countrywide. It accomplishes to revive all our favorite music moments with just the precise amount of reminiscence mixed with a modern twist. This extensive mix of bands promises that BOB will be a force to reckon with in the coming weeks.

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