DP: What exactly is the story behind ‘Demesne’; what language has the word been taken from?

DC: Demesne is an Anglo-Norman French word pronounced as “dɪˈmeɪn”. it means something that you OWN or in other words: it means your territory.


DP: Tell us something about yourself and your background.

DC: Demesne is a trio venture by Fashion graduates of PIFD: Aena, Beenish and Fatima. After graduation, we worked with leading designer brands in Pakistani fashion industry. After two years, however, we opened up our own brand.

DP: What was the inspiration behind your brand, as there is lots of competition in the field already; what are you offering that’s different?

DC: Since we are three minds behind this brand when we come together we try to produce a product that is out of the ordinary. Our main focus remains on using unconventional techniques for embellishments and material along with cutting-edge silhouettes and fabrication, hence that differentiates us from the rest.


DP: Dokht Zarin, your latest collection, is finally out in the market. Please tell us a little something about the new line.

DC: Our latest and first bridal collection is ‘Dokht Zarri’ which is a Persian word and it means ‘The Golden Girl’. The collection depicts worlds colliding in a manner reminiscent of a bygone era as well as the sartorial innovations of today. The collection has dramatic flairs and exaggerated silhouettes which characterize the fairytale element with metallic tones and muted golds imbued with bold splashes of color. Our bridals are immersed in tradition with an emphasis on craftsmanship and construction creating extravagant timeless pieces.

DP: Which individual pieces of yours are your favorite works of art & why?

DC: From our bridal collection, we love the TEAL LEHENGA and ORANGE CHOLI because of its colors and composition of embellishment!


DP: What is the latest trend to follow for winter weddings?

DC: Peplums and flashy tissue fabrics all the way!