While some snacks may be low in calories, they might lack other essential nutrients needed for your body. Sometimes, snacks do not satisfy the appetite, and you keep on craving for more.

However, we made a list of some of the snacks we eat (at lunch time, mostly) to make sure that the stomach feels satisfied and we feel energised throughout the work day!

  • Raw Almonds: 139 Calories (per 20 almonds)
  • 1 Banana= 105 calories


  • 2 Cups Popcorn= 62 calories
  • Bean Salad: 80 grams-Approximately 130 calories


  • 1 Slice of Brown Bread= 74 calories
  • 1 Apple= 90 calories


  • Green Tea with 1 Bourbon Biscuit- 67 calories 


For some people, 3 square meals per day is fine, but for others, they LOVE to indulge in snacks. Make sure you indulge in lesser cravings and more energy and nutrients, so that the next time you feel like having a chocolate bar or an ice-cream, you know you’re not going to give in!

Bananas and generally fruits provide you with the sweetness you need on your tongue, and are perfect substitutes for sugar cravings!

Snacking on the right choices is a great way to maintain even energy levels, manage hunger and prevent binge eating and gaining weight.


Happy snacking!