Yasir Nawaz hasn’t been able to handle the criticism of his film too well, which has been bestowed on him by bloggers around the country.

He recently stated (on getting questioned on reviews of Mehrunnisa V Lub U’ that some bloggers only want to write ‘negatively’.

“We put a lot into our projects, and when you write negatively about our movies, audiences decide not to watch the movie instead of forming their own opinions.”

His statement was not endorsed by the hosts of the evening, and CEO ARY & co-producer of ‘Mein Punjab Nahi Jaoungi’ had a different view.

According to CEO ARY Network, it was okay to have your own opinion and constructive criticism should be welcomed.

Nawaz further stated that he wanted journalists & bloggers to wait for a sufficient period of time before releasing their reviews, so that the audiences have time to watch & judge the films themselves, rather than just reading reviews & deciding to not watch these movies.

This is in contrast to the practice adopted around the globe, in which critics are provided with a copy of the films before their official release, so their reviews are out before fans get a chance to watch the movie.