LOS ANGELES – Disney took the stage on Tuesday and announced that it had set May 24, 2019 for Colin Trevorrow’s “Star Wars: Episode IX”, delaying the next “Indiana Jones” movie a full year.

The studio has revealed very little about the ninth installment of the iconic space series, except that Trevorrow wrote the script in unison with Derek Connolly, his co-writer on the films Safety Not Guaranteed and  Jurassic World.

Newcomers John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac are all expected to return to ther roles in the blockbuster, with shooting likely to start in 2018. However, the late Carrie Fisher will not be appearing as Leia anymore.

Star Wars: Episode IX is likely to smash records in the summer peak season allocated to its release date, alog with the ‘Han Solo’ movie already announced for May 25, 2018.

Disney has announced a row of dates for its forthcoming movies which will make their place on the big screen up till November 2021. Amongst the list of its upcoming films, are ‘Untitled Marvel’, ‘Untitled Pixar’, ‘Untitled Disney Fairy Tale (live action)’, ‘Indiana Jones (also yet to be named)’, ‘The Lion King (one of the studio’s most popular animated pictures)’ and ‘Frozen 2’.

Aren’t we all excited!