We all know Fawad Khan is adored across the border but who knew Ranbir Kapoor was so awed by the Humsafar leading man as well?

In an interview with AIB, Kapoor talked about Fawad and his experience on working with him:

I love Fawad as an actor, I love his contribution to the film. Before the release people were really angry about Fawad being in the movie. But listen, this is talent, man. This is art. There’s no politics. He has not done anything, we haven’t done anything.

He further went on to say, “He’s a great talent, his contribution is also huge. He’s got a huge fan following irrespective of the political climate.

When asked if he ever felt like the less hotter person whenever Fawad was in the room, Ranbir exclaimed, “For sure! Especially Karan! Karan is obsessed with Fawad!

Here is the video: