NEW DELHI – She is the star of our dreams. Be it acting, modeling, motivational speaking, this woman knows how to hold her ground and be an inpiration to all of us.

Recently, when Deepika’s father Prakash Pradesh Lifetime Achievement Award from the Badminton Association of India, Deepika was there with her sister Anisha supporting their beloved father in New Delhi. What’s more is, Deepika was caught on camera having a heartfelt emotional moment that was caught on camera.

Deepika then took to her instagram and shared the picture that is worth more than a thousand words:

Deepika captioned the picture:” “don’t ever say you are sorry for ‘being caught in the moment’.Because,at that moment,that is exactly where you wanted to be”-Cody W”

Sources also reveal that Deepika gifted her father a brand new car for his achievement.

On the work front, Deepika will be flying to Nepal to work on a film by Vishal Bharadwaj.