Facebook use, based on surveillance of other people leads to “ENVY” and it’s a long established psychological practice that envy can be a great risk for DEPRESSION.

Studies revealed that Facebook use, in particular, could have many other FACES in one’s daily life. The worldwide propelling and expansion of Facebook had an enormous effect to an individual’s regular calendar. All things considered, a Facebook user spends 20 minutes on average on this social giant platform.  However, besides fun and sharing moment its use based on surveillance can lead to unhealthy and ultimately to depressive life.

We can say Social Media has made us “UNSOCIAL” practically.


According to psychologists, most of the patients they treat are a victim of inferiority complex followed by ENVY. This horrible feeling penetrates into one’s veins drastically which ultimately leads to depression and sometimes makes you disconnect from social life. The more the people rely on this social networking platform they more they become suffocated. At the point when a person become Facebook envious, it is not uncommon for them to experience negative emotions and expanded depressive manifestations, as indicated by Psych Central.

Although, Facebook itself has its positive and healthy effects on well-being and behavior of people. Surveillance Facebook use is different from just interacting and connecting with your friends, family and loved ones, however, it involves you are viewing others and NOT REALLY INTERACTING WITH THEM. So you going on seen people building their new relations, updating their new job roles, sharing their memorable moments from vacations. All of these kinds of things can be a part of ‘SURVEILLANCE ASPECT’ of Facebook use.

Studies also revealed that students from college are facing this threat and risk to quite a great extent. Particularly this group of users doesn’t like Facebook but they compelled to keep up their profile, to look good and to disclose their best self. It’s not a helpful experience to see other people happy and content and feel ENVY and you are putting yourself in a risk.

In addition, the sense of appreciation ought to be practiced at whatever point seeing a few accomplishments and promotions of your companions, relatives, and friends on the Facebook news feed.

Users mustn’t jump in the well of COMPARISON. The envy mode is generally based on the comparison. That’s why in contrast to being envious, one should take things which others share with warm heart feelings and develop a sense of appreciation. It would undoubtedly lead to a healthy lifestyle in spite of regular Facebook use.