In a recent outburst, Faisal Qureshi took to social media to express his concern over Urwa, Farhan wedding pictures:

He referred to Pakistani Facebook Commenters as ‘Gandi Chaskay Lene Wali Qaum’.

He thinks people should just be happy, and let others live. (We don’t find anything wrong with that though, we think the outburst is fair enough)

Faisal Qureshi took to his official Facebook page and stated:

“So I’ve been watching all the videos and pictures from the #UrwaFarhan wedding! (enjoying them) I’ve come to a point in life where just seeing people happy, smiling, having fun puts a smile on my face and then uffffff I read all the comments!!!!! What kind of mothers are raising all these men and women? They don’t have a single nice thing to say about anyone in these wedding pictures! Calling Everyone names, the kind of names you don’t want to use for even the worst kind of people especially girls! I’m just wondering that have we really become this pathetic? Are we really so full of hate and hypocrisy that we can’t be happy for anyone? Why does someone’s outfit define them as a low life? We are name calling people we don’t even know! Itni gandi zabaan? I mean honestly not one nice comment! Then why be on social media, why look at all these pictures, videos, posts? Why ridicule someone? Why be online solely to judge and pass judgement? I don’t get it! It’s so insulting to me as a man to read the kind of things people are saying about these pretty sisters, not just them but their mother, Khalas and everyone associated with them! Literally gandi chaskkay lainay wali qaum bun gaye hain hum!”

Pakistani Facebook Jihadis trolled his status too: