Fakhr-e-Alam has been missing in action for a while, and we’ve been wondering WHY.

According to news reports, he has been busy making Pakistan proud by delivering a lecture to GOOGLE employees at the GOOGLE Headquarters!!

Yes, that’s right.

Woah Fakhr, you got it big. 

Alam has become the second Pakistani to represent Pakistan at GOOGLE, following the footsteps of Raahat Fateh Ali Khan.

He wrote a very heart-felt THANK YOU on his official Facebook account:

Thank you @Google for today..15 months ago I was a #tech #startup & today I was delivering a talk & answering questions at Google HQ…


He shared another status, which had us stunned. Facebook has invited him to their Headquarters to deliver a lecture, MARKING him the FIRST PAKISTANI to deliver a lecture to Mark Zuckerberg’s employees! WOAH.

Fakhr-e-Alam wrote:

What a great day at @Google and what a great end..BREAKING NEWS just been reached out by FACEBOOK to visit their HQ tmrw #SiliconValley

According to sources,  he will be sharing his views on technology and art and how they can be merged.