‎‎Veteran Pakistani actor Naeem Tahir’s son, Faran Tahir, is best known for his role as ‘Rhys Bashir’ in American Crime. 

An alumnus of University of California, Berkeley & Harvard University, he made his film debut playing the role of ‘Nathoo’ in Disney’s 1994 ‘The Jungle Book’.

He’s known for making small appearances in Star Trek, Iron Man, Pitch Perfect, & popular Television programs Grey’s Anatomy & Once Upon A Time. 

After his successful journey from Pakistan to Hollywood, Pakistani actors could learn a thing or two from him!

“Stereotypes are now diminishing from Hollywood and the approach towards sensitive topics is much more balanced now. The audience has now understood that nothing is black & white,” Faran stated.

Faran urged aspiring actors to not get discouraged by the ‘speed bumps’ and keep a focus on the journey and where they want to get to. 

As a Muslim, he has commented on a terror attacks abroad, believing that it becomes the responsibility of Muslims who live abroad, to become a part of the debate, stand up & have a conversation about it, to get our word across.

Faran has played a wide variety of roles: from a taxi driver to the owner of a local corner shop. For Faran, stereotyping has never been an issue, and any Pakistani actor aspiring to make it big in Hollywood should take Faran as an example!