It’s been a pretty brutal ‘battle’ between the two sides: Boxer Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom, and her in-laws.

However, apart from all the crazy publicity their arguments have been getting, one must not forget the internet sensation that she is.


Faryal Makhdoom has her own successful brand of makeup, is an Instagram celebrity and a highly sought-after socialite.

She recently ventured into modelling and did a great job at that too.

However, Faryal looked WAYYYY different a couple of years back, pre-surgery.


Sharing a few pictures will make it easier to gauge.


Amir Khan’s brother has openly slammed Faryal for being ‘fake’ and claiming that she got surgeries done and looks like ‘Michael Jackson’, sources have mentioned frequently.


Her lips are fuller, her nose sharper and has cheekbones now! (keeping the pre-surgery natural, chubby cheeks in mind)

According to sources, she has had lip fillers and rhinoplasty.