Dr. Shireen Mehrunisa Mizari is a versatile politician especially when it comes to her hair shades!

Besides, being a staunch nationalist and member of PTI, she equally participates in her fashion trends.


A PhD MP who is a member of Parliament of Pakistan and serves as a ‘Chief Whip’ for Pakistan Tahreek-E-Insaf party. She is hawkish nationalist for her country, however, when comes to her fashion lifestyle, she always found in different hair shades which makes her appearance more bright yet prominent. The first thing you can notice in her is all about her Hair ofcourse. The best thing about her shades is that she never look that awkward when she carries those streaked hair shades.


She has also been called as a ‘Peacock of PTI’. No offense!

She has reconciled to a lot of criticism within and outside the political world. As a steadfast and confident person in her thoughts and ideas she remained as a mountain in the storm and yes, she never forgot to dye her hair. Recently, she has been seen in ‘pink and light green’ shades.


These hairdos are her personality charm and one can easily recognize and recall her with her hair shades. She is an inspiration for many young women. We are looking forward to her new upcoming hair dyes.