LAHORE (Ali Zain) – After disclosure of her secret about extraordinary magic necklace in first episode, Melisandre aka the Red Woman has stunned the viewers by bringing Jon Snow back to Game of Thrones in second episode.

The fans were apparently left with open eyes in the final scene of second episode of the season six, when Melisandre’s unbelievable spell poured life back to the dead body of Jon Snow. Though she is still not aware that her magic was really effective.

The much desired development triggered fans to express their excitement at micr-blogging webiste twitter as well:

Other key developments from Episode 2:

  • Bran Stark is back and he is now a wonderful youth who can have visions. But he still he is unable to walk.
  • Ramsy, the bastard of Roose Bolton, has killed his father, and the wife and new born baby boy of Roose Bolton as well. He believes to have saved his kingdom by this.
  • Arya Stark has probably been promoted to the next round of training to become No One. She is still blind by the way.
  • Sansa Stark is safe and continuing her journey towards Castle Black. However, Theon Grejoy has apparently decided to part his way with her.
  • Balon Greyjoy, the king of Iron Islands, has been murdered by his brother.
  • And Tyrion Lannister has unchained the dragons.