Welcome to Priyanka’s embarrassing roast by the King of food, Gordon Ramsay, who is celebrated all around the world for his terrifying and savage thrashing at people’s culinary skills.

Just recently, Ramsay took a dig at the Baywatch babe, Priyanka Chopra, and of course, it was brutal as hell.

The Master Chef was called to the show Watch What Happens Love with Andy Cohen and asked to give his comments on dished made by the famous celebrity guests. Boy oh boy, what fun session it was!

Priyanka’s ‘khichdi’ and ‘chicken soup’ was included in the food menu and this is how the presentation looked like.

Being the good old fella that Gordon is, this is what he said:

Sh*ttttt…I mean it looks like a dog’s dinner.”

Ouch! We are sure this shattered Queen Pri’s heart. We wonder what she has to say about it!