CANBERRA – After a Daily Mail’s article said he was feeling lucky to escape Pakistan, the comedian has unequivocally denied having said any such thing, accusing the publication of not approaching him for a quote.

Clarifying his stance on Twitter, Sami Shah asserted that he never declared that he ‘escaped Pakistan’ but migrated to Australia on a work visa.

“I’m getting tired of The Daily Mail trying to make me out to be what I’m not,” the comedian said, adding that they both have visited Pakistan frequently since moving there.

“My book isn’t just about my being an atheist, it’s mostly about how varied and nuanced the Muslim community in Australia is and is recommended for anyone hoping to learn more about the fascinating Muslims in this wonderful country I now call home. Pauline Hanson hates it btw. And the descriptions in the article are grossly out of context.”

“Not once has the Daily Mail contacted me for a quote, asked me for my opinion, or tried to fact check anything it’s written. Each time there have been vague summaries and exaggerations of my work and life, to fit a sensationalist narrative, that is being encouraged by all your likes, comments, and shares. Please, even if the Daily Mail won’t show any maturity, the rest of us can,” Shah concluded.

The article titled ‘Ex-Muslim couple say they are lucky to have left Pakistan‘ which became one of the top-trending items on social media on Wednesday cited the family saying that they were happy to ‘escape’ Pakistan which could have otherwise executed them.