Grammy Award winning Jamaican rapper Sean Paul had expressed praise for Priyanka Chopra when she released her debut single ‘In My City’ by saying, “PC is a stunner! I have heard ‘In My City – India is a talented country – With such a single, PC sure does have fans worldwide. I like her and I’d love to meet her.”

Apart from Sia, he has also collaborated with artists like Beyonce Knowles, Santana, Joss Stone, Enrique Iglesias and Clean Bandit and we think his next single might just be with Priyanka.

“I usually go by something I like. So if I like the song and the content, I go for it. And collaborating with artistes, gives a different feel also as they come with their own genres. It just adds up to the music all the more,” Sean said.

So this time when he returned to India, where people love his music, Sean stated that it took him a long time to return as he was preparing for his Indian audience more than ever. He added, “I’m really excited to visit India again. The people of the country have always given me a lot of love. However, I can’t really unveil anything about my new songs but just know that there is a lot in store. I’m sure everyone will love it as much as they loved my other tracks.”

In 2017, his song No Lie got featured in Priyanka’s Hollywood film Baywatch but he was still unable to meet the Bollywood beauty.

“I wish that desire came true but I didn’t get a chance to meet her as we were very packed with our schedules. But being a part of Baywatch itself means a lot. I would still say that I would love to meet her as she’s one of my favourites and I really like the way she performs,” he said about Priyanka.