Talented singer Hamza Malik is back again with a big venture, a commercial this time.

He has sung the background score for a television commercial for Sufi drinking water, and has acted in it as well.

The advertisement gives the message of connecting people of all classes through the most basic necessity: clean water. And, how lovely does that jingle sound! Rendered in Hamza’s soulful voice, the lyrics talk about how putting away all your sorrows and finding the essence of living feels like, hitting us right in the feels.

Watch the commercial here:

Hamza Malik – Sufi Water Commercial

Proudly announcing my first big venture in this Sufi commercial where I acted and sang the jingle! Leave your comments as feedback so I can read and reply to my amazing fans! Thankyou for giving me the courage to pursue greater things 🙂

Posted by Hamza Malik on viernes, 10 de marzo de 2017