Visaal, ARY Digital’s latest drama had everyone excited for what seemed like an entertaining and intriguing show. Starring Zahid Amir, Saboor Alu and Hania Aamir as the main leads, the drama’s initial teasers had everyone hooked.

It had fan-girls riled up on Twitter over Zahid Ahmed’s bad-boy looks, clad in his leather jacket and signature Salman Khan hairstyle, Akbar was a character that we hadn’t seen around lately. The immense hype even had celebrities like Saba Qamar excited;

However, the show itself hasn’t quite come up to the precedent the teasers set up for the story unfortunately. The first episode follows the story of Akbar, recently released from jail and he has all the bad characteristics a bad boy could wish for. His dangerous look faced a lot of criticism for being so out of place within the story’s overall setting and he isn’t even the worst part of the show.

Hania Aamir plays our hilariously innocent girl next door, Pari, a sweet clueless girl with an overbearing father and a single best friend, Naheed who is the daughter of the neighborhood Maulvi. It seems the farther most shows are trying to get away from pigeonholing and stereotypes, Visaal just seems to want to drag us back into them.

One thing leads to another and Akbar falls in love with Pari at first sight. Surprise Surprise! Everything from the misplaced dramatic music to Hania’s acting just doesn’t quite work. Although Zahid Ahmed has managed to embody and do justice to his character not much else has lived up to the audiences expectations.

On the other hand fans are absolutely loving Zahid’s acting skills and are giving him props for that;

It may be too soon to say, but if the show’s pace doesn’t pick up and we don’t see more depth from Hania Aamir’s character then we don’t know if we want to stay tuned for more.