LAHORE – Pakistani television star Hania Amir faced the ire of social media minutes after she made fun of an unknown man in her Snapchat story yesterday.

The story uploaded by the model captioned ‘The dude is struggling to get out of my photo’ showing a man seated behind the star trying to avoid her camera lens.

The story was uploaded at a time when the ‘Na Maloom Afrad 2’ star was heading to Lahore for Oppo F5 launch event.

Though Hania must have thought of trolling the guy, his move actually boomeranged leaving Twitterati to fire salvo at the Lolly wood actor.

Some of the social media buffs also equated the move to ‘harassment’ as Hania was trying to capture a glimpse of the guy without his consent .

What raises questions over Hania’s snap fun is that recently a doctor was fired from his job merely over sending friend request to Award winning director Sharmeen Obaid’s sister.