Today marks the birthday of German Neurologist and psychiatrist Alois Alzhemiers, who wrote his name in the history of Neurology after discovering that the reason for memory loss was a misfiring hippocampus (a part of brain that stores and retrieves information).


Born on June 14th, 1864 Alois studied medicine at Aschaffenburg, Berlin. He holds the credit for publishing first case of pre-senile Dementia.

Alzheimer’s disease was named after its founder Alois.  He found that as a result of protein plaques and tangles in the brain, nerve cells die and lose connections.


Memory loss is the main feature of Alzheimer’s disease as people suffering the disease find it impossible to retrieve most stored information.


Alzhiemer’s disease is so far incurable but studies trying to find a cure are underway.

Had you not told us about the disease, we still might have been wondering why we forget things. Happy birthday, Alzheimer!