Sanam Chaudhary is QUITE the controversial girl in our drama industry, and has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons, most of the time!

Humayun Ashraf:

Sanam was previously dating Humayun Ashraf and Furqan Qureshi, popular Pakistani drama celebrities currently on the road to successful careers.

Sanam was seen in drama ‘Mere Meherban’ opposite Humayun Ashraf, after which the duo couldn’t keep their hands off each other! Sanam was seen taking pictures everywhere, enjoying her alone time with the actor.

The two started dating for a while and were seen spending a vacation together in Murree, but broke up shortly after that.

Furqan Qureshi:

After Humayun Ashraf, Sanam moved on to actor Furqan Qureshi. A LOT of pictures surfaced on social media, where he is seen in ‘INTIMATE’ pictures with the actress, showing their love and PDA to the world.

Sanam Chaudhary stated that he had ‘meant the world to her’ at that point in time, and Furqan, who is now happily married, stated that Sanam was his ‘real life heroine’.

Noor Hassan:

The two broke up sometime after, and were seen with different people from there onwards. Sanam Chaudhary is currently dating Noor Hassan, another popular face in the drama industry. The two have also starred in a movie together, and share images on social media all the time. The two are most definitely in love (for now, at least!)