Whether or not you are a dance person, whether or not you’re into the new-found culture of dances on Mehendis, and whether or not you’re Punjabi, you just cannot avoid the way Punjabi music makes you want to go on the dance floor and groove to your own beat, and completely own the dance floor with your unique dance moves!

Here’s one for you to enjoy:

We are in absolute love with the way it gets us moving with their use of musical instruments, dhols, the lyrics (flattering women of course), and of course, the colourful music videos!

We have compiled a list of our favourite Punjabi songs which are sure to be huge hits this Mehndi season.

Check out this amazing find:

Check out our compilation of the most heard/liked Punjabi songs on weddings:

  1. Pee Pee Whisky
  2.  Goliyaan
  3.  Laal Ghagra
  4. Pagg Wala Munda
  5. Billo Thumka Laga
  6. Hulara
  7. Boliyaan
  8. Click Click
  9. Lean On (Diljit Singh version)
  10. Boyfriend/Girlfriend
  11. Angreji Beat
  12. Lakk 28 kuri da
  13. High Heels te Nachay-Jazz Dhami
  14. Desi Thumka-Nouman Khalid (Pakistani)
  15. Kaala Chashma (Latest Version)

Let’s dance to these amazing Punjabi wedding songs in January 2017. Welcome, January weddings!