LAHORE – When it comes to the game, the football fever is always astounding, provocative, and mind-blowing in its own right.

Now it seems like multinational brand Coca Cola is taking part to promote this beloved game to Pakistan as well. More specifically, they are this time concentrating on women’s football.

Hajra Khan, a  Pakistani female footballer recently took to her social media and discussed how on a personal level she was working hard to promote the game.

Hajra tweeted: “Battling hard to promote women’s football in Pakistan- to keep the game alive. Team’s been inactive for 3yrs. Personally trying to get friendly matches abroad. If you think you can invite us to play against your NT or club or can help set up a few matches – email at”

Surprisingly, that is when Coca Cola Pakistan stepped in. Responding to Hajra, they asked her if she would be interested in joining hands with them.

Coca Cola tweeted: “Hi @hajrakn, how about we join hands to promote football? Lets begin by getting on a plane to bring the FIFA World Cup 2018 Trophy to Pakistan and celebrate the fan’s love for football. #ReadyFor Trophy in Pakistan.”

Now isn’t that fantastic? Let’s bring the game home! We cannot wait for it!