Do we all remember the blue-eyed Pakistani ‘Chaiwala’ who broke the internet and social media platforms when a pakistani photographer named Jiah Ali posted a video of his sizzling and dreamy self to her Instagram feed last year? OF COURSE, WE DO!

Every other girl went gaga over the handsome hunk, so much so that Arshad Khan a.k.a ‘Chaiwala‘ even paved his luck to every other news channel and TV show in the country. To top it off, he was offered various modeling offers as well and managed to swiftly steal all our hearts!

Here is NADRA’s take on the whole issue:

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), has just recently reported and made claims that Chaiwala is not a Pakistani. Well well.. turns out he’s Afghani now after all!

The identification authority has accused him of using “fraudulent documents” in order to obtain his CNIC. Allegedly, Khan tried to use his “Celebrity Card” to pressurize the concerned authority, which resulted in his passport being issued to him.

Geo News reported that Arshad’s origin traces back to Kandahar (Afghanistan) and they have shown themselves as members of the Moosakhel tribe to acquire Pakistani documents. The report also read that Khan’s parents, Baaz Khan and Saran Bibi, were both Afghan refugees.

Chaiwala, however, denied the news and defended himself by clarifying that his father was born in Sargodha, Punjab and his family hailed from Mardan in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. He also added that he lives on the outskirts of Islamabad with his family. He further stated that his father had migrated to Saudi Arabia in 1984, working there for 13 years before returning back to Pakistan.

Geo said that Khan did not back his statements with enough evidence despite the repeated requests.

After this news went viral, Khan took to his Facebook page and deleted all of the photos present there which showed him receiving his identity card at the NADRA headquarters in Islamabad.

Is this another publicity stunt by our news channels or do you think it’s real? Share with us below!