We are happy to see the progress of our own media industry: the latest venture is a genre which is not touched upon too much by the industry, because of the not-so-popular demand (BUT OH WE LOVE HORROR!)

A new horror film is on its way, directed by Syed Atif Ali (May God bless him).

The trailer looks promising, and we are relieved. Previously, Maya was released by Jawad Bashir and it became a blockbuster at the box office, and we fell in love with it. Now it’s time for Atif to prove his magic!

The supreme cast includes Qavi Khan, Rasheed Naz, Junaid Akhtar, Khushi Maheen, Saleem Miraj, Azekah Daniel and Faiq Asim.

The co-director is Muhammad Ahsan, while the script has also been written by Syed Atif Ali.

Share your thoughts with us when you go through the trailer. Calling on all horror fanatics!

See the horror trailer yourself: