Contributed By: Nayab Khan

Studies have revealed that falling in love stimulates the same parts of the brain as using ‘DRUGS’. Love emotions intervene in your brain cells and gives you the same kick as coke, and now we finally know why love gives us such a “high”.

But love hurts – often times harder than any drug. It can be a force for good, and change your life around, but losing the one you love can hurt so much that you finally begin to understand why people use the term “heartbroken”. Here’s why sipping a coke is so much better.


Why do people develop an addiction? It activates those parts and neurons of the brain which makes you ‘FEEL GOOD’ – and that’s exactly what love does too. And even after the initial high is over and you begin to crash, you still end up doing it all over again, even when you promise yourself you won’t – the same way that you fall in love again after a breakup.

If we talk about intense romance, the first thing you notice is that happy lovers demonstrate the same characteristics that addicts do: that of ADDICTION. Now, how can love be an addiction?


Men and women desire passionate emotional and physical interaction with their loved ones. This feeling is a focal part of all addictions. Lovers feel the immediate need of their partners when thinking about him or her, this stage is called as ‘inebriation or Intoxication’. When their obsession in love gradually builds, they feel like meeting their loved ones again and again, this stage of love is called as ‘Intensification’. And when love birds obsessively and madly start thinking about their partners then they begin to exhibit behaviors similar to those of a drug dependency. How intensely do we crave coke if we haven’t had any in a while, huh?


Lovers also alter their daily priorities and needs to accommodate their partners, and frequently do improper, perilous, or outrageous things to impress their loved ones. This final stage is like an ‘intense drug addiction’. In intense drug addiction, a person can do anything to get his/her drug. Many of the things you end up doing border on downright dangerous, as you lose all inhibitions and stop caring about the consequences. When did coke ever make you take crazy risks?


There are some lovers who risk their lives and end up dying, all to impress for their beloved. This is the extreme stage in love and is similar to when a drug addict cannot access his drug. This stage is known as ‘Separation anxiety’.


Nowadays, many people don’t get involved in serious relationships. Being in an unrequited relationship often leads to a ‘mental disturbance’ which affects the routines of life. There is certainly no harm in being in ‘love’, but don’t say you love someone when you don’t. And for those of you who fall for someone who can’t give two hoots about you, we have this advice: if you fail to find a long smooth journey of love then move on. It’s better to be hurt a little bit temporarily instead of falling in love and harm yourself emotionally, mentally and physically over the long run. Or better still: why not just sip a coke!


The writer does not represent the views of this publication, and works freelance.

Disclaimer: This article is intended to be satire, and should not be taken as advice. Daily Pakistan takes a very firm stance against substance use and abuse, and does not endorse or promote drug usage, nor does it advise or encourage its readers to use drugs. We are not responsible for any consequences that may arise from using any of the substances mentioned in this article.