KARACHI – Hrithik Roshan’s latest hit ‘Kaabil’ is being screened in Karachi cinemas after authorities lifted a self-imposed ban on Indian movies in the wake of tensions between two nuclear-armed neighbors.

A production of Rakesh Roshan, Kaabil is a revenge drama involving a visually-challenged couple. Hrithik plays a man whose wife (Yami Gautam) is raped, and he sets out to seek revenge.

The movie, which was released on January 25, has already collected just less than one billion Indian rupees in a week; as the rape scene and the incident’s effect on the victim – who commits suicide – have not been received too well by some.

Defending the film, the actor said it’s not negative at all. “This is the depiction of human reality… Where sometimes in our life, (even) I felt that there is no reason to go on. (You feel) so low and down that you fail to see any prospect of a happy future. Many of us have been through adversities where it seems like ‘This is the end and one can’t go on’. While some of us succumb to it, some of us don’t.

“This is the story of a simple, sweet girl who goes through so much, not once, but twice – and she unfortunately succumbs to it. On the other hand, it is also the story of a man who fights for justice, love, life, truth, and that is the brightness. After something bad, the good happens, and this is what the film is all about,” Hrithik said.

Karachi’s Atrium Cinemas screened its first show (11pm) of the latest Bollywood blockbuster on Wednesday. The film will be screened at Nueplex Cinemas starting today at 3:15pm.

Minutes after the movie was screened in Pakistani cinemas, Hrithik shared his excitement on Twitter, hoping the film would receive the same amount of love it did in India.